Adrienne Levay Music

About Adrienne Levay

Adrienne Levay is a musician based in Vermilion, Alberta. From the west and east coast of Canada to the streets of Budapest, her resonanting melodies hold fragments of every place she's called home. Levay's genre can be described as folk with a rootsy essence, characterized by its soothing and mellow qualities, creating an intimate and laid-back atmosphere. Her soft yet raw and emotive voice, coupled with acoustic instruments like piano and guitar, fosters an organic and relaxed ambiance. The themes in her music lean toward the nostalgic, reflective, and melancholic, often exploring subjects of love, loss, longing, and personal reflection.

Levay's journey in music began during her high school years in the late 90s when she started making music and playing shows. Her "aha" moment occurred while watching Lilith Fair on CBC, where she was captivated by the powerful performances of Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, et al. This inspired her to learn guitar, although she had been singing and playing other instruments from a young age.